Ramtin Copper Industries Co

Ramtin Copper Industries Co. is located at Higher Technologies Industrial Zone at Mashhad, north-east of Iran. The company is established with the aim of producing around 6.000 MT of copper and copper alloys products

The factory is equipped with the modern production lines after researches and investigations in the industry, and 2 set of channel induction furnace and horizontal continuous casting machine are the main parts of the production line





By applying new technologies, and experienced human resources, We are ready to produce customized alloys of copper in different range of cross sections


Ramtin copper Industries

Ramtin Copper Industries Co. makes benefit of 2 production lines of melting and casting which mainly consists of the channel induction furnaces and horizontal continuous casters.  The range of the products includes bars and tubes of copper and copper alloys like brass, phosphorous- bronze, aluminum-bronze, etc

The production sections include, raw material processing, melting and casting saloon, cutting section, packing and storing. The whole production is under the control of the quality assurance officers and different quantity, and quality tests are done by them like PT tests, VT tests, chemical analysis spectrometric tests, and various mechanical and metallurgical test